Brush Your Tongue While Brushing Teeth And It Can Save Your Life! Here’s how!

Many people brush their teeth but they don’t know that it is also extremely important to brush their tongue as well.

The main reason why you need to brush your tongue is because during the night, more and more bacteria are produced and cleaning your tongue on a regular basis can prevent cough and other oral infections as well.

In the morning, when you get up and you go to the bathroom to brush your teeth, do not forget to brush your tongue using baking soda.

First, wash the front of your tongue and then gradually continue to the middle and back.

Once you are done brushing your teeth and tongue, rinse your mouth with water several times. This method will actually protect you from many illnesses like lung disease, throat infections etc., it will increase the sensitivity of taste, and at last but not least, you will have fresh breath.