Check Your Health In Just 1 Minute Using Only Spoon!! You Will Be Surprised By This Method!

To know what the health tells about you is crucial and smart move. No need to visit a doctor often if you feel afraid.

Bright Side has the simplest way to see if you are healthy at home.

We are not saying doctor appointments are bad, just that this is simple and done at home.

How to check health with just 1 spoon

Get a regular spoon and scrape the surface of the tongue, wetting this with saliva. Then put the spoon in a plastic bag and put it under bright light. After a minute, see the spoon.

In case of an odor:

1. Strong

Lung or stomach issues

2. Sweet


3. Ammonia

Kidney issues

In case of stains:

1. Yellow/white/thick coat

Thyroid problems

2. Purple

Bad blood flow, bronchitis, cholesterol

3. White

Respiratory problems

4. Orange

Kidney diseases

Talk to a doctor just in case, and check the health more often.