Drink Diet Plan To Lose Weight 7-KG In A Month

This is an amazing diet plan to lose weight and drink to lose 7-13 kg in one month. You have to take this drink for one month regularly. People older than 30 years should do exercise with this treatment while or people ageing under 30’s can just gulp this drink for their weight loss treatment.


Cumin seeds (Safed Zeera): 1 table spoon
Water:1 glass


  1. Boil one glass of water
  2.  Add apple pieces with rind into the boiling water
  3.  Add cumin in the boiling water
  4.  Cook or 15-20 minutes
  5.  Turn off the stove and cool the mixture
  6.  Strain the liquid through a sieve
  7.  Drink this apple cumin beverage daily for 1 month WITH healthy breakfast
  8.  Avoid junk and oily food during this treatment