Girls You MUST Know This: Your Breast Sag Because You Make These Mistakes Every Day

You’ve got a problem with sagged and flabby breasts? You would certainly like to know this. Several reasons why your breasts become more and more relaxed.


Researchers who conducted a study related to breast cancer, have concluded that coffee affects the breasts. They claim that three cups of coffee a day is ‘enough’ to make our breasts smaller in the long run.

Vitamin C insufficiency

Inter alia, vitamin C has a role to build the elastic tissue and collagen. Therefore it is very important for our body.


Smoking is unhealthy for one more reason- it decomposes the elastic tissue and collagen. Another  goodreason to stop smoking.


While losing weight we also lose the fatty and elastic tissues, making our breasts droopier.

Wrong bra

According to some researches, 80% of women do not know the right size of their bra. Wrong bra size affects the firmness of our breasts. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask the saleswoman for help when buying a bra.