Recommended Exercises According to the Body Shape

It is completely clear for all people that if they want to lose the weight safely and permanently, the preconditions are  healthy foods and exercises. The best way for burning calories is to do plenty of exercises, but to do proper exercises. How will people know what are the proper exercises? One way is to consult the experts, who will make a program of exercises. In all situations the people should be informed what and why are doing them, not just to do it physically.

According to the experts the body shape is dictating what kinds of exercises should be done.

The apple shape

The excess weight that people, who belongs to that type, appearances on their upper body and middle part. Their waistline is bulging and the legs thin.

For this type of body the best results will give the cardio exercises, which help to lose belly fat and increase leg muscle mass. To enhance their effects to the program should be added aerobic or dancing. If somebody wants to strengthen muscles squats is good solution.

The pear shape

This type of body has more fat in thighs and hips.

The best exercises are Triceps kickbacks; press on the shoulders and bicep curls. The activities that can help in decreasing the excess weight are treadmills and walking.

The rectangle shape

The excess weight for those people is evenly on their body.

Recommended exercises for this type of body are cardio and weight training exercises. In addition walking, running, treadmill, aerobics, dance, shoulder presses and elliptic training can improve the losing of weight.

The hourglass shape

The hourglass shape of body is round and curvy with a well-defined waistline, fuller hips and chest.

The exercises that are the most effective for this type of body are cardio exercises, such aerobics, running, zumba etc. It is also recommended weight training to tone the muscles.

By identifying the body shapes the first step for starting training starts. After following the proper training program results are guaranteed.