Say Goodbye To Abdominal Bloating Without Exercise, With These 8 Tips

To say goodbye to Abdominal Bloating, you should choose not only to maintain a balanced diet but to perform various local massages of great help. Here you will have a series of recommendations that will allow you to reduce this condition quickly and easily.

Know How to Eliminate Abdominal Bloating:

1. Massage to reduce gas: normally the swelling of the belly is due to the accumulation of gases, it is possible to avoid it by means of a simple massage.

-Massage the navel area.
-Place 4 fingers on it, horizontally.
-From that point and above the top, you will find the exact point you are looking for.
-Once located, you should massage it for 2 0 3 minutes in a clockwise direction.
-You will realize that you are doing it properly because you will produce more saliva.

2. Massage to reduce fluid retention : If you want to reduce or eliminate the amount of fluid retention you are retaining, you must perform this efficient massage, it will be easier.

-Take the navel as a reference again, the point to work is placed a few fingers above it.
-Exercise a little pressure on the area and massage for 2 or 3 minutes in a clockwise direction and then backwards.

3. Massage to increase intestinal activity: this particular massage is excellent for increasing intestinal activity and avoid constipation, which is one of the culprits of Abdominal Bloating.

-Focus on the area below the navel, about 4 fingers below and massaging for 2 or 3 minutes clockwise and backwards.
-This exercise will promote peristaltic movements and provide relief from constipation and Abdominal Bloating, thus relieving the area in question.

4. Drink water with lemon: Drink a glass of warm water fasting with lemon juice, normalize the production of gastric juice and therefore relieve your symptoms of hardship, it is a drink able and completely efficient to end with belching and Prevent the formation of gases in the intestine , apart is rich in vitamin C.

5. Say goodbye to coffee with milk at breakfast: this drink in the morning is one of the most developed, in fact if you are looking to maintain the health of your intestine healthy, it is best to give up and opt for other healthier solutions . This is because milk stimulates the production of gastric juice and increases acidity, coffee has an effect similar to that of the milk itself produced by the stomach so that, together, is worse.

If you are one of those who can not live without your respective portion of dairy in the morning, you can substitute milk for yogurt so that the bacteria in the stomach can digest food.

6. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach: be aware that alcoholic beverages stimulate the production of gastric juice, on an empty stomach you can not drink alcohol because you slow down the work of the stomach itself, damaging the stomach walls, which does not Is nothing healthy. Apart from everything, if you are one of those who consumes alcohol frequently, you must be aware that it is a drink that kills the microflora of the stomach and intestine , so it is best to ingest it moderately and always with food in the stomach.

7. Eliminate fat food from your diet: consuming fatty foods constantly is something that should be avoided completely, we must take into account that fatty food such as fast food and sugary desserts, are heavy foods of slow and difficult digestion, is So that any food difficult to digest for the stomach, more gas will produce. To avoid it, eliminate as much as you can or reduce your intake of this type of food , opt for healthy meals and a more balanced diet, with greater intake of fruits and vegetables, your body will not only notice but also thank you.

8. Eat food with moderately fiber: It is no secret that high-fiber foods are essential and recommended even to combat constipation but can not be over-consumed as they develop gas production and bloating, Hinder the functioning of the intestine.